Thursday, July 27, 2017

Work Outfit Ideas To Try Out

Trying to find something to wear to work every single day, 5 days a week all year round and still trying to look chic can get pretty tiring and time consuming. At the same time, there’s absolutely no excuse in dressing sloppy just because you think you have nothing to wear. That’s why I’ve gathered some outfit ideas for work wear so that you can get some inspirations and ideas on how to look chic every day.

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A Smart Pantsuit

Instagram : @gia_escobar ; @elietahari

Look sharp and invest in a new set of pantsuit. This look from Gia Escobar is uber chic. She looks like a woman who can take on anything that comes her way during the day. The all white ensemble from Elie Tahari is also super chic and will be perfect for cooler months.

Pencil Skirt

Instagram : @alarnahope

Nothing says chic and glam more than a pencil skirt. Make sure the length is in a midi and pair it with a work appropriate top like this woman in the photo. It doesn’t matter if the skirt is colorful or printed as long as the top and shoes are within the office dress code. Make this look fiercer with sky high stilettos!

Work appropriate dress

Instagram : @theoutsiderblog

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look girly and wearing a dress to work – Giovanna Battaglia shows us the perfect dress that’s definitely office appropriate.

Fashion Forward Look

Instagram : @styledumonde ; @theoutsiderblog

Of course not all jobs have a corporate dress code. There are those jobs that actually require you to dress a little bit more daring and creatively. Take Christine Centenera and Ericl Pelosini who are  both fashion editors as an example.

Casual Fridays

Instagram : @harperandharley ; @juliarestoinroitfeld

For those days when the office dress code doesn’t demand a stiff and formal look. You can still dress casually but look polished with a jeans and heels look. This is the perfect casual chic Friday’s look in my opinion! Take your cue from fashion blogger Sara Donaldson of Harper and Harley blog and fashion 'It' girl Julia Restoin Roitfeld.

Which of these looks are you planing to try out for the office? Go out there, dress for success and conquer the day!

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