Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tuesday Thought : We Don’t Know The Other Side of Things

Have you guys ever felt like you were judged by other people? And felt that it was done so unfairly? But at the same time, you feel like you have judged others too. You can’t really say that when people judge you it’s not okay, but when you judge others, you think it is okay because you think you have a valid point. It is NOT okay to judge anyone because we simply just do not know the other side of things.

And you may never know.

Have you ever judged a person for being too fat or thin? It’s not justified because you never know, that that person may be battling some sort of sickness or that person may already be happy in his or her current size. So you just do not know their side of the story.

Have you ever judged somebody to be lazy and think that that person isn’t doing anything with his or her life just because it seems they have so much more free time than you? You wouldn’t know, maybe that person is self-employed or working remotely and can work from anywhere. That person could be lying around in bed looking at his or her phones and you judge them for being lazy but you wouldn’t know that they are actually already working. So you just do not know their side of the story.

Have you ever judged someone for being in a bad mood all the time and always being the owner in the group? Maybe you just don’t know, that person is clinically depressed and has bigger problems to worry about and may even need your help. You just don’t know their side of their story.

I could go on and on but you get my drift. I’ve had some judgments of my own to other people but I’ve also been judged by others. I’ve learned that I  shouldn’t take anything too personally  and also try not to be so affected by it because, well I know MY side of the story and I don’t know theirs.

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