Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Thoughtful Tuesday : Why I Live For Lounging Around

It seems everyone is all about the fast paced life. I feel like everyone thinks that many,many things just have to get done in the smallest amount of time possible, everyone has to "life life to the fullest", jet setting everywhere and just never stop going.  It's this mentality that's ingrained in social media it seems, and sometimes that makes me feel guilty and and makes me feel like I'm not doing anything in my life. Especially when I'm just lying around in bed doing absolutely nothing.

I scroll through my feed and see people posting some stuff about  what they're doing in their daily lives and at work. I see bloggers posing in front of the Eiffel Tower in fabulous outfits and jet setting all over the world, super fit people busting their asses out in the gym,  other people eating in picturesque restaurants and generally just doing so many things that I cannot keep up with. And hashtagging things like #neverstop , #keepongoing, #workworkwork etc... And that's why I keep thinking that everyone is advocating this so called "fast paced, inspirational, motivational, successful" kind of life peg.

There is nothing wrong with all that. I mean if your life  really is about traveling a lot and living the fullest types of days everyday then whatever. It's just that for me, well I'm going to go right ahead and say it out loud : I totally LIVE for lounging around.

Lying around in bed and doing nothing for hours? Reclining myself in an outdoor chair by the pool and just shutting my eyes and doing basically nada - that's meeee. And it's not even for like an hour a day, once-a-month-when-I-need-a-break-kind-of-thing. It's sometimes like a few hours a day like, almost everyday. Haha. Now, I am not saying I live the lazy and slothful life and do nothing. Hello I love travelling just as much as anybody and I have my own business and lot's of other side projects. I get stuff done (most of the time ;p)  but it's just that I feel like I do a lot more recharging than most people.

I  feel like I can relate to memes more from Instagram accounts like Wheredidmyvodkago and Betches and Girlwithnojob  than to those Instagram accounts that have inspirational and motivational quotes. Yes I know it may sound bad and may paint me as a shallow person but I think it's way more shallow for a person to keep talking about "positivity" and "motivation" and whatever "good vibes" they put out there but be kind of fake about it in real life.

I also think it is more genuine that I'm admitting that I love being lazy than to put out in my Instagram account about my "fabulous" life and all the fabulous activities I'm doing when in reality, in that exact moment I'm probably spending more time deciding what filter to use on the post than to soak in on the moment. Not trying to hit out at any specific people okay but c'mon you guys should know what it means and know what I'm talking about. The "fabulous" and "goals" type of lives you see online are all not really real. Or they're real but whoever is living it is not really living IN it. He/she is not present in the moment. Because that person is probably busy tapping away at their phones. They would rather post a photo of the cute camel passing by the pyramids of Giza than actually LOOKING at the fantastic and historical scenery around. They are probably not even bothering to discover what the story of the place is about, they're too busy getting the perfect photo that will get the most likes.

So that's why I prefer to have a fabulous REAL time lounging around and doing nothing GENUINELY than living a so called fast paced jet-setting life and living it just for the sake of some Instagram posts and pictures. And so, that's why I live for lounging around. Actually, I live for sincerity and genuineness so maybe that's what this whole post's point is REALLY all about. What do you guys think???

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