Monday, March 27, 2017

How to Style A Black Ball Dress

Wearing black to a formal event is almost always my go to staple. It's classic, it's not fussy and it's so much more fun accessorizing since it's such a blank palate. I feel like almost any accessories will go with it. This Picked Looks dress has a gorgeous embellished collar and sleek and classic cut. In styling a black ball dress, one must wear accessories that pop. In this case, huge colorful earrings, a beautiful clutch and some cuffs.You don't have to wear a necklace as the collar is already eye-catching enough. . For the shoes, you can wear a classic a neutral stiletto. No need to choose a standout shoe since they most probably will not be seen with a long ball dress. Wear shoes that are pretty enough just in case people will get a chance to glimpse it.

Black Ball Dress

For this look, I chose some gorgeous green drop earrings. I absolutely love how a nice dark emerald green color looks against a black backdrop! Since I feel like this dress gives off a little Grecian vibe, I added this beautiful cuff - this could be worn in the left arm or even on both arms! (you'll need to get two obviously!) It's such a Greek Goddess Look. Since the earrings, Cuff and neckline of the dress are already such stand outs, I decided to just style it with a simple but pretty clutch plus some neutral stiletto barely there heels. 

Dress : Picked Looks
Earrings : Target
Cuff : New Look
Clutch : Papillon

What do you guys think? What would you wear with a black ball dress? How would you style it?

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