Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Current Beauty Favorites

current beauty favorites

I really like make-up and beauty products. I'm not a complete junkie although there might have been a time in my life where I would hoard and buy products just because I liked the packaging or because I heard exciting reviews on them from friends - even if I didn't need them. Lately though I've noticed that the past few months I've been going back to the same products in my arsenal over and over again and I've realized that I should just stick to those products that I really like and can't stop wearing. I don't think I buy make-up often enough to make this a monthly thing but I will write posts like these from time to time.

Bioderma Micellaire Water

current beauty favorites Bioderma Micellaire Water

I've heard the wonders of Micellaire water for the longest time but I've never actually tried it till very late last year. Now I absolutely love it! I feel like it takes out all the dirt on my face and it doesn't make me break out so it's perfect.

L'oreal Base Magique. 

current beauty favorites l'oreal base magique primer

I actually bought this not because I researched on it or even heard great reviews. I really, really needed to buy a face primer because I was out of town and was planning on wearing full on make-up for some night outs and a wedding I was invited to. This was the only face primer I saw that day that I liked. It turned out to be a very good product! It glides on smoothly and doesn't make your skin feel oily.

La Roche Posay Anti Helios 60 Ultralight Sunscreen Fluid

current beauty favorites La Roche Posay Sunblock

This is probably my most favorite sunscreen ever. Like seriously. I have really oily skin and this one glides on the face with a really matte finish and it does not make me break out. I've actually written a whole review on this in another blog post. Check it out HERE.

Ciate Nailpolish

current beauty favorites lilac color mini ciate nailpolish (2)

current beauty favorites lilac color mini ciate nailpolish (1)

One of my friends gave me this as a gift and I really love it! I apply my manicure on myself and I find that this one is so easy to apply and I really like the purple color. The bad thing about it, is that it is so expensive to get here in my country.

Marc Anthony Repairing Macadamia Oil Treatment

current beauty favorites marc anthony maccaamia oil for hair

This Oil Serum from Marc Anothony is also seriously one of my favorite products ever. My hair feels so soft and shiny after application and it smells so, SO good! I usually apply it after I've dried my hair. 

Maybelline Colour Tattoo

This Metallic Eyeshadow cream from Maybelline is one of those products you need when you're in a super rush to do your make-up and still want to look good. I sometimes just slap this on my lids, put some liner and mascara on and it already looks great. It's also great to put on the top of your lids for an extra touch of sparkle. I really love these and they are so inexpensive too.

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  1. they all sound like great products. I'm loving that nail polish.