Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bookmarks of the Week : My Favorite Links on the Internet This Week

Happy Weekend to all you people out there! I stumbled upon a lot of great articles out there (I swear every moment of the day that I am on the internet I have at least 15 or more tabs open). Here are six of my favorite ones.

Best Links of the Week 100 years of style
Marie Claire

This has got to be my favorite link this week : a slideshow of 100 photos depicting 100 years of style. This post from Marie Claire shows a street style moment for each year starting from 1916 up to 2016. I really love looking at vintage photos!

Best Links of the Week Mexican Chopped
One Perfect Bite

I love Mexican flavors so it's great to see them in something as healthy and delicious as a salad! Loving this one by One Perfect Bite.

Best Links of the Week cheeses you can directly throw to the grill
Serious Eats

I am obsessed with cheese, I even have a whole series in the blog dedicated to it ( The Grilled Cheese Diaries). I was researching on cheeses one day and randomly stumbled upon this post about the best kinds of cheeses to grill - directly and not on a sandwich! Worth a look if you're a cheese fan!

Best Links of the Week How to Beat the Monday Blues

Do you guys dread Mondays? Read this post by Amber a.k.a. the Shoeperwoman on tips on how to make your Mondays more shoeper, er I mean super.

Best Links of the Week Cauliflower Mash
Skinny Taste

Up until I saw this recipe from Skinny Taste, I never really had any desire to make a cauliflower mash. This sounds so easy to do and so delicious too!

Best Links of the Week The Grandma Chic Trend
Who What Wear

Read all about the hottest trend to hit the streets : Grandma Chic.

What were your favorite links off the week?

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  1. Such a beautiful post dear! I like this a lot.

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  2. The first link looks to be so interesting ! thank you for sharing !
    Alexandra xx