Sunday, February 22, 2015

Currently Coveting : Pretty Night Clothes

Eileen West

I think that no matter what situation you are in, it's always a great idea to look pretty and stylish. Sleepwear should be, asides from comfortable, be fun and feminine! My mom always tells me that I should wear nice and proper night clothes, you know just in case there is an emergency and you might have to run out the house or something. I know that sounds kind of crazzy but you know, it can't hurt to look nice even while in slumber :)

I have been coveting pretty night clothes. and I've been looking and lusting over so many ones! Check out all these gorgeous pieces below!

Fig Leaves

Fig Leaves

Fig Leaves

Flora Nikrooz


Tropez Nighshirt

What do you guys wear to sleep?

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  1. great post idea!
    Xo Tali

  2. I love pretty night clothes too. For me, they should be comfortable but pretty. A little lace or silk can go a long way.