Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bookmarks of the Week

I hope everybody had a lovely and productive week. Here are some links that I found over the week that I found either interesting or really helpful. Hope you enjoy reading and also manage to get some good tips and insights. xx

Our Baby Blog

1.) This is a great article from Our Baby Blog on things you can do to occupy your time that's not internet related. Sometimes it's great just to shut down and peel your eyes away from the monitor.

The Kitchn

2.) Absolutely loving this idea from The Kitchn on a way to display cheeses beautifully. Click on the link to see how!


3.) This article from Buzzfeed is one of the best I've come across that is related to cooking basics. Check it out to see some very, very important information you'll need to know for cooking!

Scoop Woop

4.) A post from Scoop Woop about NASA taking the largest photo ever. And it is of just one tiny part of the universe. Watch this and prepare to be amazed.


5.) I am dying to go to New Orleans one day and this post of Megan in her blog gives out really great advice on what to do there. Will definitely be keeping this in mind if and when I actually go!

Chef In You

6.) I've been wanting to make some lasagna rolls and this recipe form Chef in You looked really easy and yummy! Check out the multicolored pasta used!

Stew and a Story

7.) I love roasted veggies but the flavors I use are always the same. Stew and a Story gave me the idea of spiced roasted ones and fun and yummy ways to enjoy them.

What articles did your read this week?

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! xx

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