Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ideas For a Bedside Vanity Tray

Remember this post when I wrote about how I was currently obsessing over vanity trays? I've been on the hunt for the perfect one for awhile now and I am so lucky I was able to finally find one that I like! I am even more lucky to find this particular tray just at home and I didn't have to pay a single cent for it! It was an old vintage tray that nobody ever used so I decided to use it to prettify my bedside. Here are some ideas on how to decorate and style it, and what items to put.

For my bedside table, I decided to do away with the clutter and put in some key items/paraphernalia that I thought would be useful and pretty. Lotion should be at your beside, so you can moisturize your hands right before sleeping. A scented candle, a pretty vase or a jar with some flowers and a small dish to put your jewelry or watch.

I was really lucky to be able to find all the other items at home! The only new thing I had to buy in this little display was the purple flowers. The jar it was in was one for jam that I had washed and thoroughly cleaned. The little dish which holds my earrings is from a set of glass coasters that nobody was using. The candle was a giveaway from a recent wedding I went to.

It's great to open your eyes and see what's in your home -  mean who knew a jam jar would look great right? Try finding stuff around the house before spending on anything. If you can't find any of these , here are some ideas and suggesestions on items you can get for your bedside vanity!

1. Libbey | 2. Luminarc | 3. Luminarc

1. Libbey | 2. Cost Plus World Market | 3. Neve | 4. Crate and Barrel | 5. Sicily

1. Colonial | 2. Cost Plus | 3. Diptyque | 4. Tuberose | 5. Tory Burch | 6. Voluspa

Hope you guys get inspired! I would love to know and see how you decorate your bedside vanity. Leave me a link below! xx

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  1. Great idea repurposing something that you already have!!!!

  2. So cute and loving how simple it is to make a few pieces look so nice!

    xx 365Hangers

  3. Oh wow, it's amazing that you found all the pieces laying at home, what great find. Not only you saved money but you used things that no one even bothered about. What a marvellous idea!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. My vanity tray definitely need a little decor update, so these are some great ideas!

  5. Such a nice idea! thanks for sharing!!

  6. The vintage tray is such a charming piece! It definitely makes a great decoration for the bedside!


  7. I DIY most of the time because I'm that stingy, lol! Love your vanity tra.

    x Janelle | Styles & Prints

  8. I always have candles, hand lotion, great book and fresh flowers. Such a great post. Thanks for sharing. Kiss, Mel

  9. I'm loving the idea! It looks really great for stashing the necessities right next to the bed.


  10. Wow! the tray has been we decorate by 1. Libbey | 2. Cost Plus World Market | 3. Neve | 4. Crate and Barrel | 5. Sicily

  11. I'm constantly looking for ways of improving my vanity. You did a great job, it looks very neat and stylish! ;)

  12. These are such great tips, it's so important to wake up to pretty, happy things surrounding you! x


  13. I love the idea of having a glass dish there! =)

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  14. Nice idea! Love the silver plate!

  15. This looks so cute. Thank you for the idea!

  16. You're so creative. Thank you for sharing these fabulous ideas. x

  17. What a clever idea! I have a tray not too different from this one, and I use it for my Turkish style tea set ^ ^ They are so pretty! :) x

  18. Nice idea!!! :)