Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Simple Last Minute Halloween Costumes

As promised in my last post, I would be giving off some simple and last minute Halloween costume ideas. It's only two days till Halloween and if you're pressed for time, how about you look at what you have in your closets now and try to come up with one of the characters mentioned here.

Morticia Addams : The matriarch of the Addam's family's attire is pretty simple : an all black outfit with a swipe of red lipstick and a very pale face!

Hair Extensions : Choies  | Necklace : Blu Bijoux | Dress : H&M | Eyeshadow : Sally Girl | Powder : Topshop | Lipstick : Le Metier de Beaute 

Pippi Longstocking : This beloved children's book character is a pretty easy costume too. Just find some overalls, a red top and striped socks! Use some concealer or nude lip stick to add in some freckles to your face. Pippi is also known to have a pet monkey, so if you have a stuffed one lying around then bring it out with you as props! Don't forget to braid your hair!

Blush : H&M | Lipstick : Forever 21 | Stuffed Monkey : Jelly Cat | Top : Delia's | Overalls : Chic Nova | Hair ties : Madewell | Socks : Black Brown | Ankle Boot : Charlotte Russe

Modern Vampire : Since this is a modern vampire look,  you can wear whatever you want. All you have to do is wear fangs and put some red lipstick at the corner of your mouth to make it look like fake blood. I chose a glam girl vampire look. Oh and pile on the white foundation so you'll look paler. I found this tutorial on DIY vampire fangs using fake plastic nails, it looked really easy and doable. 

Fake Nails : Nailene | Lipgloss : L'oreal | Top : Alloy | Jeans : H&M | Clutch : Jessica McClintok | Heels : Giuseppe Zanotti

What do you guys think? Do you have your costumes all ready? Wishing you all a Happy, scary but most importantly safe Halloween!

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  2. I love these ideas! Perfect for today <3

  3. Great idea, a vampire is easily enough recreated for a last minute costume!