Thursday, June 26, 2014

Destination Outfits

I think that most of us, especially myself can say that they love traveling. Every time I travel, my sister and I would discuss at length the outfits and looks before our trips. I know it sounds shallow and I know that comfort should be the foremost concern on our minds when we travel but planning ahead is very helpful and a huge time saver! Also what's the harm in looking good in your trips? Especially if you take lots of photos? There is always a way to marry both comfort and style, so dressing sloppily on trips is not an excuse anymore.

Some recent trips I took this year inspired me to write this post and to come up with outfits that are both appropriate and not stuffy for each destination. I've picked out 5 places/activities that one may go/do in a country, whether it's to a safari or a beach resort.

City Tour

Exploring cities in new countries are so exciting. Looking at popular sights, eating at restaurants, museum shopping - you can never run out of places to go to. You have to take into consideration though that you will most definitely be doing a LOT of walking so comfy shoes are vital.

Cape: {Balenciaga} Satchel: {Time Arrow} Top: {T by Alexander Wang} Shorts: {Miu Miu} Sunglasses: {Illesteva} Camera: {fujifilm} Shoes: {Geox}

I've picked a cute and casual outfit of shorts and a top. I also threw in a stylish cape in case it gets gold. The flats are really comfy yet stylish and these particular ones go with a lot of other outfits. I also decided on a satchel bag so that it's big enough to fit all your things and also the sling part is practical when you don't have hands to carry it while taking photos. Speaking of photos, I've picked this fujifilm as it's not too bulky to carry all over the place. 

Resort Wear/Beach Chic

What could be more fabulous than a beach trip? There's also nothing wrong with looking super glam while lounging by the water!

Hat: {Athleta} Caftan: {Thakoon} Sandals: {Sala Chaussures} Sunglasses: {Stella McCartney} One-Piece Suit: {Tomas Maier} Camera: {Panasonic Lumix}

Sun Hats and Sun glasses are a must, as well as a water proof camera! You wouldn't want to miss out on great opportunities of you and your friends splashing around in the water or fabulous underwater photos of gorgeous sea life.

River Cruise

One activity I noticed that's always included in tours and in cities or picturesque towns are river cruises. There will surely be a lot of photo opportunities so a fab outfit - and a great camera are essential!

Camera: {Canon} Top: {Dora Landa} Jeans: {Chic nova} Scarf: {Jcrew} Cuff: {Lisa Freede) Booties: {Born}


I think the most cliche safari outfit would have to be the all khaki/olive green look and that ubiquitous safari hat. I went on a safari for the first time in Sri Lanka last year and did my best not to look like a typical safari tourist. Although I did throw in some elements of it! 

Hat: {Wesley} Top: {John and Jenn} Sunglasses: {Rayban} Jeans: {Frame} Camera: {Nikon} Sneakers: {Keds}

Temple/Church Hopping

Another activity you should be considering is church/temple/monastery/mosque hopping. Majority of these sites are usually on the conservative side so you have to consider and respect their culture. Just make sure arms and legs are covered. Maxi skirts and a cool non-sleeveless shirt are good to go. Some of these places might also require you to take your shoes off so wearing a pair that you can slip in and out off easily is also advisable.

T-shirt: {Iris and Ink} Camera: {Nikon} Sandals: {Ancient Greek} Maxi Skirt: {Joie} Sunglasses: {Asos} Sling Bag: {Fossil}

There you have it. I hope these tips and outfit ideas help you guys out in some way.

So where is everybody's next trip and what are you wearing?
I would love to know, drop me a comment below!

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  1. love the collection of outfits! I especially love the city tour outfit x

  2. I love the first look with the cape!
    I love capes I own too many of them but they keep me so warm in this cold weather here!
    xo Holly xo


  3. I like the last outfit most:o)
    xoxo Kirsten

  4. Cute looks, very chic. I like the first one. Have a great weekend doll x

  5. Very cool selection and nice inspo!

  6. You have fantastic style. I love these outfits, esp the two toned purse.

    Lets keep in touch and follow each other on bloglovin! I always follow back!

    Love from Canada,
    Marie from

  7. I love traveling and I love these outfits! I'll definitely be inspired for my next trip :)
    Also, I'm a new follower xoxo

  8. Great selection, especially the temple jopping! ;) xoxo

  9. Lovely outfits, amazing selection!
    I love your style too, is so unique and girly!