Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bookmarks of the Week

Here are my favorite bookmarks/links of the week. Lots of interesting stuff out there!

1.) "My 8 Entertaining Tips" by Cupcakes and Cashmere. So helpful especially if you're not used to entertaining at home.

2.) "Look Put Together Everyday" Another helpful post by From B to C. Practical tips for girls on the go and still want to look fabulous.

3.) "Best EDM Songs of 2014 so far" Okay this isn't exactly an article but I love EDM music and the songs in the list are pretty awesome!

4.) "5 Provinces in the Philippines You Should Visit" I'm from the Philippines and I'm ashamed to say I haven't been to a single one of the places mentioned. New on my bucket list!

5.) "Authentic Homemade Mexican Chorizo" by Honest Cooking. Never tried Mexican chorizo so I'm excited to try making this!

6.) "X-men Movie Timeline" I love X-men and I was talking about how the timeline was getting confusing with the latest movie so one of my friends emailed me this article. Apparently some guy painstakingly picked out details and bits from every X-men movie made and came up with this timeline. Great read if you're a Marvel fan!

7.) "The 50 Secret Travel Locations In Europe" More places to add to my bucket list! I love visiting places that are off the usual paths traveled.

What were your favorite links this week?

Enjoy reading mine and Have a Fab Sunday!

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  1. My favourite is #7: I'm a travel addicted :D

  2. Hi dear thanks for you comment!!!xoxo

  3. great links :)
    happy sunday!

  4. Love the secret locations in europe, nice link!
    Simona/OFF DUTY

  5. Great list and post! =)
    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  6. Much needed links to pass the time. Super bored now that I'm on holidays and done all the travelling and shopping :) Thanks for these, something interesting to read. Anyway thanks for commenting on my blog. Returning the support as always :)

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