Friday, May 2, 2014

Weekend Outfit Ideas

It's finally the weekend! What's everyone planning to wear to their various activities these days off from work? Here are some outfit ideas for the weekend, hope you guys get inspired by them!

For Sunday or Saturday Brunch with the Girls:

For a dinner  out and some cocktails on a Saturday night, I already told myself that I should not wear black because, well I always, ALWAYS wear black. This Michael Kors dress is in a nice dark purple/plum color is dark enough for the evening but still a gorgeous pop of color that can make any girl look great!

Saturday Night Out: 

For lazy Sundays, one of the best things to do is just lounge around the pool or lay out in the sun. Doesn't mean you have to be lazy in your outfit!

Lounging around and lazing by the pool:

What do you guys think? What is everyone wearing this weekend?

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend ahead!

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  1. I love these outfits...especially the peach maxi in the top one! I hope you have a very fabulous weekend!


  2. Love your fabulously stylish outfit ideas! I appreciate your kind words, Have an awesome weekend doll!

  3. great inspiration!
    happy sunday!

  4. I love the first set but all are beautiful!

  5. I love these outfits! This is a great guide to have for a weekend getaway.

    -Helen Grace

    Sweet Helen Grace

  6. The Dolce and Gabanna lip gloss looks so good! And of course so does the naked basics palette! I haven't tried either yet :P

    Every Day In Grace