Friday, November 22, 2013

Super Easy DIY...Embellished Sunglasses

I am not the most  creative person - I cannot draw to save my life, any crafty project I attempt at almost always turn into a mess and I can't really even cut paper straight. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating a teeny tiny bit - but you get the picture. I am NOT an arts and crafts expert.

I have been looking at several DIYs online though and I have discovered that I badly want embellished sunglasses. Some of them are being sold out there for ridiculous amounts of money so I decided to make a DIY out of it. It is really pretty easy and doable for anyone out there. For a non-crafty person like me, I managed not to mess it up!

You will need the following:

A pair of inexpensive sunglasses

Some embellishments. Make sure that they have a flat surface at the back

Mighty Blond Glue or any glue that binds anything really tightly.

Asides from the ones mentioned above, you will need some scotch tape

Start by putting scotch tape on the borders of the glasses. The purpose of this activity is really just to plot out where exactly you want to position the embellishments.

Once you've decided where to position the beads, you can start gluing them to your sunnies.

Let your sunnies rest for a few hours before using it so that you can give the glue a chance to completely dry out.

And voila that's it! Pretty easy right? It's basically just gluing on some pretty embellishments on a pair of sunglasses want and after that you instantly have a brand new pair of inexpensive statement sunnies! You can choose any type of embellishments - just make sure they have a flat back so they can stick properly. You can play around with the placement and position of these too! You can choose to put the embellishments all around, or you can just put themat the corners or  you can even stick some on the sides! The possibilities are endless!

What do you guys think of this style of sunnies and this DIY?

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  1. Celyn, I am not crafty either... I think I could make these though :-)

    Your sunnies are cute ;-)

  2. looks like so much fun :) like those shades !

  3. So cute.

  4. Thanks for this! Looks like a fun DIY project, I'm gonna have to try this next weekend. Love how yours turned out!