Saturday, November 2, 2013

CEBU Lip Creme Lip Gloss by Le Metier de Beaute

I'm so excited to write about this lip creme lip gloss that I recently acquired. Le Metier de Beaute, a high end make-up brand, came up with a range of lip creme glosses and they named one of them CEBU. Why am I so excited? Why, because Cebu just happens to be my home town!  For those of you who haven't heard of this place, Cebu is an island located in central Philippines, in Southeast Asia. And yes, they named the lip creme, not after the Philippines, not even after our capital Manila, but after my li'l o'l hometown Cebu! I'm so proud! Teehee. Excuse all the exclamations!

I  heard of this through my cousin who is based in the United States. Apparently the Cebu lipgloss was first released exclusively  to Tysons Galleria Neiman Marcus. Unfortunately when my cousin  found out about it's existence, it was already sold out. She called up customer service and they said they might re-release it. MIGHT. Then a few months ago she started checking their website on an almost daily basis. One day her persistence paid off and there it was! She quickly snapped up several tubes of it and thank goodness she did because twenty minutes after, it completely sold out! 

Apparently Cebu got rave reviews from many beauty fanatics and bloggers. I think mostly for it's gorgeous color, slightly glittery and highly pigmented finish (its probably just my cousin, myself and other Cebuanas who were excited about it because of it's name,lol). There are so many great reviews on it all over the blogosphere. I am not a beauty blogger and I don't think my "review" of this gloss will justify it but here's what I think: The color is really pretty! Most bloggers say that its a really nice pink color but on me it comes out kind of nude/very light orange. It shimmers slightly on the lips and smells pretty good too, reminds me of some childhood make-up scent for some reason! The one thing I love about it though is how moisturizing it is! My lips never dry up and the gloss stays, well, how do I put it but glossy all throughout. I've experienced some glosses where my lips start to peel but this one, it never does! Love it!

One blogger who reviewed this mentioned that Le Metier de Beaute released a dupe, but in another name. If you're after the color, which most people are then check out her blog post to find out what the dupe is. I think it's called PinkBerry or something. Check out the brand's website HERE too!

Anyhoo, to end this post, here's what the brand's product specialist Lisa Corsino had to say about the gloss:

"I was inspired to name Cebu Lipgloss from one of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines, particularly in the region where I’m from. It is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the Philippines. Cebu is known for it’s modern city, countless white sand beaches, and historical sites. The Cebu lipgloss evokes the warmth and beauty of this exotic island."

I hope they restock this limited edition lip gloss soon! What do you guys think of it? Click here and here for other reviews of the product. These bloggers have swatches and complete blow-by-blow descriptions. (Sorry, not a prolific beauty blogger so i don't know how else I can give descriptions to the gloss itself that will fully satisfy beauty enthusiasts. hehe)

Wishing you all a great day ahead of you!

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