Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday Trend...Spiked Head

Happy Tuesday lovelies! If you are thinking gory thoughts about the title, let me just start this post by saying that no, I do not literally mean a spiked head. I mean to say that for the first post of this new section of my blog that I call Tuesday Trend, I will be featuring hair accessories that have spikes on them. Thus, the need for the spiked head title as these hair accessories all go in your hair/head (duh, obviously)

I am normally used to seeking spikes on everything from shoes (the most popular), belts and cuffs (recently the most popular). Now I am seeing it on hair accessories on high street brands like Forever 21, River Island and etc.


Charlotte Russe

First Row,from left: Forever 21Charlotte RusseForever 21
Second Row, from left: NordstromForever 21Forever 21

What do you guys think? Wearing the headbands kind of reminds me of a warrior or something bad-ass like that. Or... Lady liberty. Haha, I think she would be the first trendsetter of this particular style doncha think? Is this a trend you would want to try? What kind of hair accessory is your favorite?

Click on the captions of the photos to find them!

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  1. How interesting! Not sure if this is a look for me though.

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