Thursday, May 23, 2013

Currently coveting... The Midi Length

I am so totally obsessed with the midi length. A lot of people might think they aren't as attractive and as sexy as short dresses, but to me they are even more flattering than super short clothes! They are so chic and they look great with not just pair of super high heels for a more formal and corporate look or dainty ballerina flats for a chic and casual look.

Here are some picks that i am currently coveting.

Top from left: New LookStella McCartneyNew Look,
Bottom, from left: TopshopNew LookTopshopTopshop
What do you guys think of the midi length?


  1. I love midi length too. Infact in my recent post, I'm wearing a midi skirt!!! :)
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  2. I loved them! My favorites are the Stella McCartney one and the black Topshop one :)

  3. Ahhhh those dresses are gorgeous. Unfortunately at 5 feet tall I'm too short for the midi length, I need to commit to short or long, no in betweensies lol