Friday, July 7, 2017

Dresses to Wear to Special Occasions

It's always good to have an arsenal of dresses that fit every occasion handy in case an unexpected event pops up. Or if somebody you were not expecting to  invite you to their wedding suddenly invites you (believe me it's happened already!) and you're stuck in a panic because you suddenly realize you have absolutely nothing to wear.  You also realize that your variety of dresses are lacking. Your short summery dresses are definitely not appropriate for a wedding or normal event. What if there was a place where you can get to stock up on the perfect dresses?

It's cool to think that some of the places you find what you're looking for may not be where you  expect! Did you try checking out places that offer dresses that are in line with a prom or homecoming theme? I know these are high school events but styles of dresses usually vary and you're sure to find a style to your liking. There are  wholesale evening dresses, Short Homecoming Dresses, lace homecoming dresses  and other type of dresses that may suit any occasion. Check out my picks below.

pink chiffon cocktail dress
Blue Halter Mermaid Gown

Black Strapless Dress

Navy Blue Dress With Lace

Simple Long Dress With Slit

Purple Evening Dress

What do you guys think? Do you have an occasion to go to where you need to keep an arsenal of dresses at the ready? Which ones are your favorites?

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