Monday, March 6, 2017

Summer Fun With Inflatables

It's almost summer! What could be more fun than holding an outdoor party with some cool inflatables? Now I know you're all probably thinking that playing with inflatables is such a "kiddy" thing to do but I personally think that adults can enjoy it as well. Some of these inflatables are the huge types that you can  put in your backyard or by the pool. Inflatables like slides, balls you can walk inside in, assorted shapes and sizes (think swans, crocodiles and Popsicle shaped ones) that you can throw in your pool and some ones you can bring to the beach for some water games!

Invite guests and tell them to bring their kids too! That way both adults and young ones can take advantage of the summer sun with some fun inflatables to play around in.

Outdoor Inflatable Water Slide

Water Walking Ball

Crocodile Inflatable

Are you guys as excited for summer as I am? Check out all other inflatables HERE.

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