Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bookmarks of the Week : My favorite Links on the Internet this Week

Happy Sunday Folks! How was your week? Here is a round up of my favorite articles that I have bookmarked and gone back to. These links provide so much useful and interesting information that I just had to share them all with you. There were so may great articles out there on the World Wide Web this week, but here are four that stood out for me:

Interesting links of the week Lauren Conrad Skin Cleanse
Lauren Conrad

A Skin Cleanse article at Lauren Conrad's lifestyle site. I have been wanting to o this and I love how it sounds so simple and doable. Why not right? My skin has seen better days and I also have been wanting to eat healthier. I might step up to this challenge soon!

Interesting links of the week lee abbamonte faroe islands
Lee Abbamonte

I have been obsessing about going to the Faroe Islands lately. This post on Lee Abbamonte is awesome and it is even where I discovered that Baby Puffins are called Pufflings! How adorable is that?!? Best discovery of the week! You might want to check out more of his site, this guy has been to practically every country in the world!

Interesting links of the week One Perfect Bite Roasted Lemon Chicken
One Perfect Bite

Another thing I am obsessing over : Lemon Chicken! This recipe by Mary from One Perfect Bite sounds delicious and seems so easy to follow! This will be lunch for tomorrow!

Interesting links of the week shopify tips on image optimization

This article by Shopify about Image Optimization is a must, especially or business owners in their website and also for bloggers. It gives you tips on optimizing your images so that you can drive more trafic to your site.

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  1. Such an informative post! I will be checking out my images now! Thank you for sharing this.
    Laurie x

  2. awesome idea, way to give shout outs to other awesome blogs and companies. I may have to start similar posts. I always have so many tabs open on my laptop by the end of the week!