Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Travel Tuesday : #Nofiltertravel

Church of St. Mary behind Amberd Fortress in Armenia for No filter Travel
A close-up of the Church of Mary with a stunning backdrop, Armenia.

I've started a new passion project. I have started a new Instagram account and hashtag called #nofiltertravel. It is basically an account where I share mostly my travel photos that I've collected over the years from different countries I've visited. I also share fellow instgrammers' and traveler's photos  when they use the hashtag.

Last year, when I took a trip to Armenia, the whole country just took my breath away I had soooo many pretty photos that I felt like didn't need any editing nor any filter. They were great as is. So it got me to thinking about starting an account where I share all my travel photos just as I took it. Ok, so mainly because I kind of suck at editing photos but honestly I just find a lot of travel photos out there that have been edited way to much. Don't get me wrong, I don't think there's anything wrong with editing photos, I just think that travel photos should be shown the way it is seen in person. No editing, no photoshop and absolutely no filter.

I compiled a few of the photos I've shared in @nofiltertravel and also in some Travel Tuesday posts. I'll be doing some round up posts of these travel photos from time to time too.

Courtyard of hotel in Alaverdi, Armenia
The courtyard at our hotel in Alaverdi, Armenia

The Amberd Fortress with the church of St. mary behind
Amberd Fortress with the Church of St. Mary behind, Armenia

Armenian countryside
Beautiful countryside in Armenia

sheep grazing in the countryside of Armenia
Armenian countryside.

View of the Irawaddy river from hotel in Bagan, Myanmar
A view of the Irawaddy River from our hotel in Bagan, Myanmar.

Gorgeous shores of Bohol, Philippines
Gorgeous beach in Bohol, Philippines.

Sunset over Bagan, Myanmar.

View from the train in Skagway, Alaska.

Glacier Bay in Alaska.

Virgin Island, Bantayan, Philippines.

Pagoda Forest in Bagan, Myanmar.

View of Kathmandu, Nepal.

If you're interested in my #nofiltertravel movement, please do use the hashtag with your travel photos. Make sure that they are all really without filter, edits or photoshop. Let's show our beautiful world as it is!

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  1. So many beautiful photos and locations! You are definitely giving me wanderlust
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  14. Taking picture that truly represent the location is such a refreshing idea. I wish holiday brochures followed your lead!