Sunday, June 14, 2015

The LBS : The Little Black Skirt

You know how there's the classic LBD? The Little Black dress  is definitely one of the most worn item in any woman's closet. It's chic, effortless and so easy to throw on when you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear. I make sure my closet is well stocked with different styles of the LBD. 

Lately though, I have discovered something. The LBS! Or as what I like to call it, the Little Black Skirt. I  found that I  have been reaching for my LBS more and more often. And I realized that this is one item you should definitely stock up on in different styles, shapes and variety. 

The Little Black Skirt Asos Midi Skirt

The LBS is also such a chic and effortless item of clothing. It goes with absolutely all kinds of tops and shoes. There are so many ways to style it! It can be used in any kind of setting or occasion. It's perfect for formal occasions, casual outings and even to the beach! Think how cute it would look with a bikini! It is such a versatile piece and at the same time, so timeless. Everyone should have one, or two or three in their wardrobe! I am pretty obsessed with the LBS!

The Little Black Skirt Ann Taylor
Ann Taylor

The Little Black Skirt Asos
The LBS doesn't have to be a plain black boring one. Pick through a selection of styles that have different textures and cuts. It may have some cute fringe, a leather texture or a thigh high slit. There are so many great and affordable options out there!

The Little Black Skirt River ISland Fringe Skirt
River Island

The Little Black Skirt Coin 1804 Skirt
Coin 1804

The Little Black Skirt Next Pleated Black Skirt

The little black skirt river island black skirt with slit
River Island

The Little Black Skirt River Island Faux Leather Skirt
River Island

Tibi Stretch Wrap Skirt The little black skirt

The little wrap skirt trouve wrap skirt

The little black skirt river island zip front skirt
River Island

What do you guys think? Do love the LBS?

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  1. Love the first asos and tibi skirt! I have a feeling that there should be a black version of every garment in a closet, makes it so much easier and classic.