Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Grilled Cheese Diaries : Tuna Melt

It's April 1 today! I bet you're all thinking I'm about to pull a prank on you all or greet everyone a Happy April Fools. Nope, I am excited because April 1 is the first day of this month and this month happens to be National grilled cheese month! I am starting this month with a grilled cheese recipe for you all.

Now you all know how much I love my cheese, I have a whole series in this blog called the Grilled Cheese Diaries, where I share some grilled cheese recipes that I've tried or created. For National Grilled Cheese Month I will be posting a lot of grilled cheese recipes, (at least a whole lot more than I normally do). Most of these are ones that I've made and some will be guest posted by my sister who is as much of a grilled cheese fanatic as me.

Today's sandwich is pretty simple and classic : A Tuna Melt done in my own version.

Ingredients : Grated mozarella cheese, unsalted butter, garlic, whole wheat bread.

Ingredients : lettuce leaves, cucumber, tuna.

Saute the tuna and garlic in some olive oil with truffle.

Cut the cucumbers in thin circles.

Butter both sides of the bread.

Assemble the sandwich. Start with a layer of the cheese at the bottom, tuna then the cucumbers.

Put lettuce on top of the cucumber then add another layer of cheese.

Grill the sandwich until cheese melts. (I might have burned mine a bit but it was still good! Just make sure you don't grill for more than two minutes per side)

And it's done!


                What do you guys think? Keep checking back for more grilled cheese goodness!

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  1. Me parece muy antojable, seguro que lo intento, además que me encanta el atun!!
    Un beso.......

  2. This looks so yummy! I miss tuna!!


  3. YUM! Tuna melts are the best lunch! This looks delish.

  4. Este es de mis sandiwch preferidos, pero no conocía esta receta, gracias por enseñarnosla.
    Te invito a pasarte por mi último post

  5. This looks absolutely delish!

  6. omg that grilled cheese looks heavenly!! Want in my belly!