Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Quick Eats : Sausage and Seaweed

Sausage and seaweed? You're probably thinking it's a weird combination but I found that they taste really good together! I first discovered this great combination in one bazaar. There was a food stall serving Japanese fusion dishes. Their dishes were composed of hotdogs with rice and all these wonderful Japanese flavors. A few mornings ago, I found that our helper had prepared plain hotdogs for breakfast and a light bulb went off in my brain. Why don't I try to recreate what I ate at the Bazaar?

What I did was basically gather some ingredients like sesame seeds and seaweed, made a super simple terriyaki sauce and put it all together! It tasted so good!

Ingredients : Cooked hotdog, seaweed, toasted sesame seeds
For the Sauce: Oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt and pepper

Whisk all the ingredients for the sauce together. Assemble the hotdog on top of the rice, sprinkle some toasted sesame seeds all over and drizzle the sauce over everything. Serve the seaweed on the side. You can also add some wasabi mayonnaise if you happen to have some at home.

What do you guys think? It's an unusual combination of food and flavors but it works! It's really good!

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  1. I haven't tried this combo before but I love eating just seaweed and rice together!


  2. This totally works! I had hotdogs in Vancouver with mayo, seaweed and teriyaki sauce, it was heavenly!!


  3. Such a unusual combo but it sounds incredible. All of a sudden I am ridiculously hungry ;)