Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rainy day Essentials

Totes Bubble Umbrella

Here in my country there is no such thing as four seasons. This September I should be writing about "Fall favorites" or "Best boots for fall" but sadly we never get that kind of weather here. Living in a tropical country can only mean two things : heat and humidity. Oh and only two seasons too, Summer and Rainy Season. We are currently in the middle of the latter season and just last week we had a typhoon. It inspired me to write this post of Rainy Day essentials. These are the top three things that you shouldn't leave the house without during rainy season.

The rainy season could get really dark and depressing so why not brighten it up with these pretty and colorful umbrellas? Nobody ever said that necessities should be boring. I found the coolest Alexander McQueen umbrella, it's so chic - it has a skull handle. BUT, it is also rridiculousexpensive so it might not be so practical. Still, better to have lots of options!

Container Store

Alexander McQueen

Rain boots are also necessary. My primary reason for this is that I don't want to get my pretty shoes wet and dirty. A second important reason for this is for protection against diseases. Rainwater or worse flood water could be very,very dirty. And harmful. It's been known to cause some yucky diseases because the water that falls usually mixes with all the dirt and bacteria growing in the ground. Sounds gross but it is a sad reality.

Hunter Boots

And last but not the least, a raincoat! It's totally fine to pick the chic-est looking one out there as long as they serve their purpose. Also, since our country never gets cold, then the rainy weather is the perfect excuse to bust out that water proof trench coat that you were saving for a trip to Paris.

Max Studio

What do you guys think? I hope y'all keep dry and most importantly safe this season!

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  1. Nice selection!

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. Não me dou nada bem com chuva... nada mesmo!

    Marisa Silva
    Styling Dreams

  3. Great umbrellas. I love umbrellas; my favorite is from the Museum of Modern Art.

  4. rainy days are much better with a cute umbrella ;) xx

  5. Ah, that McQueen brolly is so cool!

  6. The timing of this post is perfect! The rainy season has been relentless here in the Philippines :(

  7. I may need to get one of those cute mini umbrellas!