Monday, September 22, 2014

Bonobos Fall 2014 Men's Suit Collection

I absolute love seeing a guy in a suit. There is nothing sexier than a confident young man in a well cut and tailored one.

Bonobos has a selection of fine suits for every type of guy. If you're looking to buy a gift or looking to dress up your man OR you're a dude who stumbled upon this lil ol blog of mine then I'll have you know that Bonobos is the perfect place to find all these great pieces.

They have recently just launched their Fall 2014 Men's Suit Collection and there a lot of beautiful pieces to choose from.  There is a variety of tuxedos, tweed blazers and wool separates. This collection is actually inspired by rock stars like Mick Jagger in their early days. What I love about their new design is that the blazers have like a little pocket inside for business cards. Any man can just smoothly pull it out to whoever he gives to! Nice! Loving the color palette of grays and navy too.

How sharp do all these suits look! And here's the tiny pocket for the business card. I really think that this is such a smart idea!

Click HERE to check out more styles!

What do you guys think of the collection?

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  1. Nice! I wear suits all the time and am always looking for ones with style. These look great.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Nothing like a cute boy in a good suit. :)


  3. I will never get tired of looking at cute men in suits. NEVER.

  4. So stylish ? Love them .thanks for ur comment dear .let me know if u wanna follow each other on gfc /g+/bloglovin ?

  5. its awesome