Monday, April 21, 2014

The Grilled Cheese Diaries...Tomato and Oregano Grilled Cheese

Welcome to a new and regular feature of Style and Chocolates : The Grilled Cheese Diaries! I am obsessed with cheese, especially when it's melted so this section is actually an ode to said obsession! I love normal grilled cheese sandwiches but one day I came across this article that had like 12 different recipes for it so I got inspired and tried making my own with different twists. 

April also happens to be National Grilled Month so it's the perfect time t launch this new section of my blog. Cheers to that! Read on for this simple but really delicious grilled cheeses sandwich recipe!

Ingredients: Bread, Tomatoes, Monterey Jack, Babybel Cheese, Provolone and Fresh Oregano

Chop up Tomatoes and Fresh Oregano

Slice the Cheeses

Slice the bread and start the layering of ingredients

Layer with cheeses first, then the tomatoes and the oregano.

Add another layer of cheese on top of everything if you want it extra cheesy!

Spray Grilling Pan with olive oil

Grill the sandwich on both sides. Make sure you press it down if you're using the same kind of grilling pan


This combination of ingredients  is actually inspired by my grandmother's recipe for an open faced sandwich. It's very similar, except her's mixed the oregano with mayonnaise and was spread all over the sandwich. I'm not a huge fan of mayo so I skipped it, but if you are then that would be a great addition to this sandwich too.

What do you guys think? Are you as obsessed with grilled cheese sandwiches as I am? Keep checking back for more of 'The Grilled Cheese Diaries'!

Oh and Happy National Grilled Cheese Month!

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  1. Buenos días!!!
    Pero que bueno!!

  2. jo...!! eso debe de estar buenísimo!!! Y es super fácil!!!!
    Si se utiliza orégano del embasado pasa algo?? es el que tengo!!
    El blog de Renée

  3. good!!

  4. ah I totally have to try this! look soooo good!
    xo Jessica

  5. this looks delicious!
    i love grilled cheese, but this one has a twist! love it