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Hairstory: Bea the Hair Chameleon

Change at many points in life are inevitable. Every now and then a drastic one can do well for you. Drastic changes come in the form of a new job, a new city to live in or a totally whole new look. And by a new look, I don’t mean a boring new trim or some predictable highlights added to the hair. I'm talking about an all-out, out-of-this world kind of hair change. I know just the person who is  the champion of that. Meet my gorgeous cousin Bea, the hair chameleon, the queen of changing hair colors into almost all the colors of the rainbow.

Meet My Cousin Bea, the Hair Chameleon

I’m pretty sure all of us have colored our hair at least once in our lives, whether we choose to lighten or darken, or dare to change it to a completely diff color from our own (i.e blonde to brunette and vice versa). But I bet I'm right when I say not a lot of us dare to change our hair color the way my cousin does. She has the guts and great looks to pull off any hair shade!

With Red and Purple Hair

Red and Purple Hair

Blonde and light pink hair

Bea colors her hair like nobody I've ever seen. Instead of the usual light brown, blonde or redhead colors, she uses the pinks, the electric blues, the purples and the mermaid greens. She even combines 2 or 3 colors at a time! And why shouldn’t she? It looks amazing on her and well, you only live once right? She also does it really well, that the hair never looks too dry or cackled and all the colors of the dye come out beautifully. If Humans had Hair chameleons Bea would definitely be one! She's had bright pink hair, dark purple, light purple and a combination of the following: green and purple, red and purple, yellow, pink and green. 


Dark Purple

Jet Black

Dark Blue

Green and Purple

A lot of other people from our town have already started taking note of her hair (she’s pretty hard to miss while walking down in public places!). It's become more and more accepted by some people to have wildly colored hair that she decided to offer her coloring services to anyone who wants to have rainbow colored hair like hers.
I've asked her a few questions regarding her hair. Read on to know more!

When did you start coloring your hair? What prompted you to start dyeing your hair in all these cool colors?

The first time I got my hair colored was around the summer of 2002. I got bright red streaks and my mother hated it. I've always been a fan of Kelly Osbourne and her funky hair. Back then, I remember she had bright pink hair, and i wanted so much to have the same thing done but the salons in my hometown didn't carry crazy hair colors then. Around 2005, I was finally able to have the pink. But still took the safe route with streaks. 2009 came and I missed having the pretty pink color in my hair, and decided to DIY after getting my hair bleached since the salons charge way too much. I was able to save a buttload.

What was the biggest challenge in dyeing your hair different colors from the usuals?

Biggest challenge? Patience. haha I'm too fickle. I can't stay on one color for long or I become anxious. I had to learn to stick to a color for some time because I can't handle over processing my hair again. The dyes I use are vegetable based, so they aren't really doing any damage to my hair. It's the bleaching that kills it. And to switch colors, I usually bleach all that color out.

Which look is your absolute favorite?
 I had so much fun with green hair. People I passed would whisper to their friends "a mermaid!" or "love the hair". My friend also told his son that i was a mermaid out of water, and the little guy believed him.

What's your advice/message to others who want to dye their hair in colors like these?
Take your time with the bleaching process! Don't hurry things.

How do you take good care of your hair with all the coloring?

Thank goodness for sulfate free shampoos and conditioners. I also use Moroccan Argan Oil on my hair twice a week, and I make mayo and egg yolk hair mask. Sounds icky but it helps keep my hair soft. I also try to stay away from heating tools like blow dryers and irons.

Do you ever feel like people stare at you more because of the colors or you really couldn't care less? Hahaha

Sure, they stare. I don't mind, really. But if it's uncomfortable staring and they won't look away, I just stare straight back at them. Hahahah

Green and Purple

Red Hair

I'm really excited to see what other color combination she does next, I feel like every time I meet up with her she has a new hair color! lol! As for myself, I'm not sure I'm ready to totally take the plunge  and start coloring all my hair into purple or blue but I think I might get a pink streak someday. I'll be sure to have it done by my cousin! 

What do you guys think? Would you ever try coloring your hair like Bea's?

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