Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tickling My fancies...Charlotte Olympia Clutches

This week I saw these clutches at Charlotte Olympia and I find that I just could not help sharing them here! They are definitely tickling my fancies this week! I mean how unique can they be? The first one is shaped like a croissant. It has a gold color which makes it look like the actual thing! It has a chain strap for easier wear or if you get tired of holding it as a clutch. The strap can also be hidden inside the clutch in case you do not want to wear them body bag style.

Find this delicious, but inedible croissant clutch HERE.

The second one looks like a fancy perfume bottle but is also a clutch! I love the color and the shape is just too pretty to not carry around and show-off! Love that it's also transparent and I absolutely love the tassel! It may not look like it can carry much, but for a night out, all you really need is cash and some lipstick, so this clutch is good to go!

Find this perfume bottle clutch HERE.

What do you guys think of these? Are these just good for nothing novelty items or would you actually use them? As for myself, if they weren't just so unbelievably expensive I would actually wear them! They are unique but at the same time, pretty enough to pair with outfits.

Hope you all had an awesome weekend!


  1. Loving that croissant clutch, too cute! If only it wasn't $1700, ouch!


  2. i like the bag!


  3. wuau as fotos elas sao mt bonitas gostei mt da primeira mt bonita bjs feliz semana

  4. Lovely clutchs!! :)

  5. Thanks for your comment! What unique clutches, haha the croissant one looks so delicious its practically edible!

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  7. WoW! How cute are these bags!!! Lovely! Would you like to follow each other?! Love, Kyra

  8. que originales!!

  9. Wow! Great bags!

  10. awesome clutch! Great pictures as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

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  12. they are funny but really unique love it

  13. nice bags ;) would you like to follow each other?

  14. I would so wear them!

    Charlotte Olympia never disappoints, does she?

  15. The pink one's my fave! It's very glam! T.