Thursday, February 28, 2013

Curlypurplepig in the Hizzle!

Hi Guys! Welcome to my new blog, curlypurplepig!

I actually started writing this blog in a WordPress account but I find blogger to be a bit more user friendly and a lot easier!

I wrote a grand total of three posts there which I will be transferring to this new blog address shortly.

I already have another blog, that is all about shoes, shoes and more shoes! ( It is one of my biggest passions in life and I felt like I had to dedicate a whole blog focused solely on that topic. However, I find that I do have other passions in life that include fashion, jewelry, cooking and beauty that I also wanted to write about and give my two cents. I didn't want to mix it up with life is a shoe because I don't want to lose focus on the shoes so I decided to come up with another blog.

This blog, is basically all about fashion, cooking, fashion accessories and jewelry and maybe a bit about travel and beauty. I will basically be writing about all things girly and most things that I love!

I hope you guys enjoy it and will continue to come back for my new posts!

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