Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Travel Tuesday...Armenia Part3

Finally Part 3 of my Armenia series. I have already written in the other two parts about how much I love this country. I was there for only a little over a week with my family and I found that it had so much to offer.  Armenia is a really small country that has an abundance of beautiful sights, gorgeous countryside and food that is so good! Even now, months later, I am still craving it!

 If you guys haven't read part 1 and part 2, I covered some sights from the country's capital Yerevan, several monasteries and the delicious Armenian food that we ate in the trip. This post will tackle some more sights in Yerevan and a few more monasteries, including two UNESCO World Heritage ones. Read the captions and see all the photos to find out more about this stunning place.

A view of Yerevan from the Erebuni musuem.

Geghard Monastery : this is a wishing rock found right outside the entrance. You throw three small rocks and try to shoot it into one of the holes of the rock. If you do, then your wishes come true!

Geghard monastery- part of it is carved from a single rock from the mountain.

Geghard Monastery - scribes would lock themselves in this room for days while working on a manuscript. There is just a little window where they receive their food for every meal. Talk about focus!

Geghard Monastery : Inside building, the acoustics are so amazing that when one person sings, it sounds like a whole choir.

Armenian genocide memorial : leaders from different nations who have visited each planted a tree, signifying that they recognize the genocide.

Armenian Genocide Memorial.

Inside the genocide memorial there is an eternal flame.

Gorgeous gorge. Perilous looking gorge over the Kasakh river.

The monastery that is perched by the perilous gorge.

Haghpat Monastery : an UNESCO world heritage site.

Hagpat Monastery: : the holes in the ground used to to be storage for manuscripts and scrolls but it was later on used to store wine and cheese. A medieval refrigerator i like to call it!

Another view of the Haghpat Monastery

Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin : Inside the grounds of the Armenian Holy See

Gorgeous roses around the grounds of the Armenian Holy See.

Colorful dried fruit display in their local market.

Matenadaran : Library in Yerevan that holds one of the largest collections of rare manuscripts in the world. It has about 17,000 manuscripts!

A statue of Mother Armenia. This is located at the top of  Victory park overlooking the whole city of Yerevan.

Ancient Fortree walls of Erebouni, the old name of Yerevan.

An ancient chariot found in the Erebouni musuem.

This is called a Rhyton, where they used to drink wine from. I wanted one so badly!

Ancient fortresses overlooking the city.

Inside the Sanhain Monastery.

Spices at the local market. I got some ground up saffron and paprika!

Sanahin Monastery : An UNESCO World heritage site.

Sanahin Monastery : this area is where the scholars used to study. (If I'm not mistaken)

Sanahin Monastery : Gorgeus arches found inside. The floors were actually tombs of people from the church. 

I really thought that by day 3 or 4 of the tour I would get sick of visiting one monastery after the other but really each one was beautiful on its own. The backdrop and the scenery of each one is always so stunning and different. One monastery had all green and grassy mountains for a  backdrop, the other had red jagged cliffs, another with a lake and one with a very perilous looking gorge that dropped down to who knows where. 

It was such a fabulous trip and I really hope that whoever is reading this post will make Armenia their next visit. I feel like it is such an under-appreciated country and it's normally not as talked about as places like Paris or Thailand. It's scenery and tourist attractions are just as amazing!

I hope you guys will visit and experience this wonderful country!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Currently Coveting...Satchel Bags

Alexander Wang

I always thought I was a  big-bag type of person but lately I've been finding my self carrying a medium sized satchel bag wherever I go. The tendency with big bags is that you fill it up with all these things that you don't  need on a daily basis (like do you need those 5 different shades of lipsticks? I know I've tried carrying that many in a day!) It just makes the bag unnecessarily heavy and it could potentially ruin your bag. Enter satchel bags. They are so convenient and can hold all the things you could possibly need. I find that the smaller bag I use, the more I edit out and realize that I could live without half the things that I used to carry before. The best part about them is that they have one extra longer string so you can also wear it messenger style. Check out the styles I've picked out below! It does't matter whether they're affordable satchel bags or designer satchel bags, they're all great looking!


Chloe Marcie

Dorothy Perkins

Forever 21

Forever 21

Forever 21


pour la victoire

Charlotte Russe

What do you guys think? Which ones are you favorites? Click on the captions to find them!

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Spotlight on...Tidebuy Lolita Dress

Tidebuy classic Lolita Dress

A spotlight on : Tidebuy Lolita Dresses. They have mostly girly and flouncy, Victorian esque-style dresses. They also have a choice of classic looking ones like the black one above and below. The short ruffled cocktail dress remind me  of school dances in the 70's and 80's. So much fun and so girly looking!

Tidebuy classic Lolita Dress

Tidebuy Lolita dress

Tidebuy Sweet Lolita dress

            Tidebuy cheap Lolita dress
I'm also really loving this sailor style dress above. The prices are really great with some dresses going up to 70 percent off!

Halloween is also less than a month away and I think it's about time everyone got hustling to go get themselves some costumes. Tidebuy Lolita Dresses has a lot of choices. You can find long Victorian dresses to short black Gothic numbers to flirty little dresses.

Dress up to be a European Princess from the 1800's or a character straight out from Downton Abbey. The Tidebuy Blue Lolita Dress reminds me of Juliet. The Capulet's family color was blue so this dress is a perfect buy if you want to dress as a member of that family from the popular Shakespeare story.

Tidebuy Blue Lolita Dress
Tidebuy Lolita dress
Tidebuy pink Lolita dress

Tidebuy Gothic Lolita Dress

Tidebuy Lolita dress

Tidebuy white Lolita dress

You can  dress up as a punk, a swiss maid, a royal and so much more with this wide range of Lolita dresses. If dressing up is not your thing then their girly dresses are great for a day or night out. Loving that they all have a nipped in waist!

Check out more styles at their site.

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