Monday, September 1, 2014

Spotlight On...Anna Karin Karlsson Sunglasses

After the Rain

I first heard about Anna Karin Karlsson when one fashion blogger wore it to fashion week and showcasing the sunglasses on her blog. This pair was so interesting, it was all black and it kind of had little horns or ears on top of the glasses. It was a rather simple detail, that I'm sure most designers would be kicking themselves into not thinking of but such detail gave a huge impact to the piece.

Alice Goes to Cannes

Anna Karin Karlsson's sunglasses are by no means dimple and minimalist, all other styles have all these really unique details that adds just a right touch of kookiness and edge. Yet I find that they are still so wearable and chic and can certainly add so much oomph to any outfit. Definitely show stoppers!


Anna Karlsson is a Swedish designer. She  got started in the world of sunglasses when she worked for an optician. She was always inspired and fascinated by old eighties glamour and but it wasn't until she tried on a pair of Christian Roth sunglasses that this really developed into a passion. Since then she has created eye wear for fashion savvy VIPs and grew her own brand, even winning a prestigious fashion award in Sweden in 2013.

Mademoiselle D'or 


The Escapist

Tropical Swarovski

Rose et la Mer

Her pieces are certainly creative and dramatic and I wouldn't mind owning a pair or two! Click on the links of the photos to find these gorgeous creations!


What do you think?

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Currently Coveting...Off the Shoulder Tops

I've currently been coveting off the shoulder tops - I think they would look so pretty with shorts or skinny jeans and some huge dangling earrings. I've picked out 7 ones that I really liked. I find them all to be so pretty! Are you guys into off the shoulder tops too?

What do you guys think?

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Travel Tuesday..Armenia Part 2

The roaring river in front of the Hotel in Alaverdi.

I recently went to Armenia on a family trip and I loved it so much! I already wrote part one last Travel Tuesday but I felt like one post wasn't enough. I took over two thousand photos and had the hardest time picking out the ones to feature here. This country is truly amazing and even now, two months after the trip I still cannot get over it. I feel like it is such an under appreciated destination and I hope that people reading this and all my other Armenia posts will be inspired to visit!

The lovely Avan Dzoraget Hotel in Alaverdi

For our trip, we stayed mostly at the country's capital, Yerevan. Armenia is a pretty small country so we could just drive out to see all the points of interest for the day then go back home to Yerevan each night. there was just one night we spent out of Yerevan and this was in a mining town called Alaverdi. Alaverdi is located in the Lori Province, and is pretty close to the border of Georgia. We stayed at the most charming hotel, Avan Dzoraget part of the Tufenkian hotel chains in Armenia. The hotel was situated by a roaring river. It was such a  pretty and rustic place to stay!

Our lovely hotel in Alaverdi had a bit of a old world and rustic feel.

The gorgeous courtyard in our hotel at Alaverdi

Pretty purple flowers add drama to the courtyard at the hotel.

Alaverdi was also the closest point to visit two UNESCO world heritage sites, the Sanahin and Haghpat Monasteries. I will be covering those two some more in part three of my Armenia posts.

I had mentioned in part one that Armenia had a loooot of monasteries because Christianity is the dominant religion here. It is also the very first country in the world to adopt it as a state religion. Asides from all the monastery hopping though, we also visited some non-christian sites like the Amberd Fortress, Garni which is a rare pre-christian pagan temple and also the Yerevan Cascade, which is Armenia's modern musuem. We also drove through gorgeous Armenian countrysides and visited  Ashtarak, the Armenian alphabet Park.

Read on and see all captions of the photos to know more about the sites that we visited.
Amberd Fortress with the Church dedicated to St. Mary behind.

The ruins of Amberd Fortress.

The Church dedicated to St. Mary, right behind the Amberd fortress.

Armenian countryside with lots of sheep.

Gorgeous countryside with snowy peaks concealed by clouds.

Another pretty sight by the side of the road.

Ashtarak - the Armenian Alphabet Park

Giant letters of the Armenian Alphabet in Ashtarak.

The Cascade - A giant staircase 

On every floor of the Cascade there are fountains and modern art installations.

Cool Modern Art Installations in one of the floors.

A view of Yerevan from the top of the Cascade.

Pretty colored glass installations in one of the floors in the Yerevan Cascade.

A close-up of the Yerevan cascade - A huge staircase that houses the largest collection of modern art in Armenia.

A sunken head.

A man running.

View of Yerevan.
Garni - a rare pre-christian pagan temple.
A close-up of the columns of the Garni temple.
Grand columns at the Garni Temple.

Another view of the Garni Temple. It reminded me so much of the Acropolis in Greece!

The food in Armenia was absolutely delicious. It reminded me of Middle Eastern cuisine but milder tasting and with some Mediterranean and European elements mixed in. Every single meal we had included the lavash. The lavash is their traditional bread. It kind of has the consistency of a crepe/pita bread. It's basically like a wrap and as a starter to every meal, we would pile on really fresh ingredients inside  like coriander leaves, dill, tomatoes, local cheese and yogurt. It sounds like a pretty simple combination but it is so, so good! Chicken, beef and lamb were all staples and were usually paired with either a rice pilaf or bulghur.

A tandoori pit.

Pork that was barbecued in a Tandoori pit.

Dolma - a traditional Armenian dish. It's basically ground up meat stuffed inside grape leaves. It's served with a yoghurt and garlic dip. It is sooooo good! 

A woman making lavash in a tandoori pit.

Freshly made lavash and the typical spread : fresh herbs and local cheese.

Lavash that's about to be wrapped . So good!

This was beef cooked inside a lavash. Totally drooling right now thinking about this dish.

Barbecued lamb.

Areni Valley, where we went for a wine tasting.

Wine tasting time! I love that they made wine from other fruits besides grapes. They had cranberry, blackcurrant (my personal favorite) and pomegranate.

I'm still not done with my Armenia posts. I have lots more photos from the trip that I've yet to post here. Hope you guys have enjoyed reading this one. If you are looking for a place to visit that's unusual and really pretty, then I hope you give this stunning country a try! You won't regret it! And if you guys aren't bored yet, then see you  for part three next Travel Tuesday!

All photos in this post are personal photos of If you want to use them or borrow them in any way, please contact me first! My email add: If you can't be bothered to send me an email and still want to use my photos, then please do credit them and link back to this blog. Thanks!

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Spotlight On...Romwe Reindeer Necklace


I'm a sucker for unusual accessories, especially ones that have unique embellishments and creatures on them. This reindeer necklace from Romwe is definitely a unique find, and would look great worn with any outfit to make a statement! I am really loving that it's in a metallic finish - easier to pair with most colors in your wardrobe. The antlers are my most favorite part of the necklace!




What do you guys think?

Find it HERE.

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