Thursday, May 21, 2015

Shop Hassle Free at Your Favorite Online stores with USGo Buy

I love to shop online. I have however found that a lot of the things I want to buy are found in online shops in the US. I have also found that some of these shops don't offer international shipping and it's really sad because there are so many nice things that I want! Good thing I stumbled into  USGo_Buy.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Travel Tuesday : Old Manila

The Manila Catheral

I can safely  say that I have been to at least 40 countries in my lifetime but I am ashamed to say that I have not traveled around my own country as much as that.  There are sooo many places all over the Philippines that I have yet to explore and discover. I mean, I've already known all along that my country has the most amazing beaches and magnificent nature spots. I always used to think that it is only known for jusst these kinds of spots and that we don't really have any old buildings and palaces and monasteries like other countries do. Last Weekend, my sisters and I decided to hire a car and driver and tour Old Manila, The oldest part of our capital. I was pretty surprised to see that we also had our own kind of old cultural spots that had nothing to do with beaches!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Summer Hair and Outfit Ideas

I've been looking to change my hairstyle lately. I am dying to get some blunt bangs and a new hair color to go with it. I always have a hard time deciding whilst at the salon on which hair color to get. Good thing I stumbled upon Madison Reed Company. They are a hair dye company that makes healthier hair dyes. They  even have a feature where you input your current hair profile and they give advice on which color would suit you and your hair.. This is the color that came out for mine. It's called Catania Brown.

Catania Brown

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Chicken Stirfry with Toasted Almonds

I recently made this chicken stir fry dish that is super easy to make! It tastes really good too! It's basically just some chicken breast sauteed in Asian flavors with string beans and toasted almonds. What I do is roast some chicken breast ahead with just salt, pepper and olive oil. I roast it with the bone in. It makes a huge difference to the taste if you cook chicken breast with the bone in as it comes out more moist and tasty. I learned this from one of my faves, Ina Garten. She always recommends to cook chicken breast with the bone and skin in. Then after you can just take the bones out and skin (if you don't' like it) and then use the cooked chicken in salads and any other recipes that calls for breast. Read more below to see the rest of my dish!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Summer Wishlist

Yellow Dress

It's summertime already in my country and I still need to go on a beach get-away! I always like to step out in style no matter the occasion or the weather so the beach and the heat is never an excuse to look like a slouch. Check out my summer wishlist! Lots of pretty cool and colorful dresses and chic sunglasses which i found in Apparel Candy. So affordable too and they even have wholesale clothing and wholesale sunglasses. Perfect place to stock up on all your summer essentials!

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Little White Dress

Elie Tahari

I am obsessing over Little White Dresses lately! I've seen several posts on it  and I decided to jump in on the bandwagon and post some of my picks for it too. It's also been unbearably hot where I am and a white dress is the perfect thing to wear in the sweltering, humid heat. Nothing says summer than a cool, crisp white dress!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Grilled Cheese Diaries : Caprese Style

Happy National Grilled Cheese Month! As mentioned in the first cheese post of the month, I will be putting more recipes than usual this month on The Grilled Cheese Diaries Series on the blog to celebrate the month. I also mentioned that some of these  will be guest posted by my sister. Today she shares her version of a Caprese Style grilled cheese. Caprese style salad is basically a buffalo mozarella-tomato-basil concoction. My sister's version is translated into a sandwich and  features a lot of yummy things like arugula, tomatoes and of course cheese! Read on to see more of the recipe!