Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Best Sunglasses For Summer From Warby Parker

Sunglasses are a must -obviously it's best and main purpose is to shield our eyes from the sun. Other than that it's also handy for hiding your eyes when you haven't had a good night's sleep (or are still hungover) and also it's the perfect chic accessory to finish of any outfit. With the right pair, you can make any outfit, however plain, look instantly glam. Even if you're in gym clothes! I'm a firm believer in investing in some really good and nice looking ones that can last you a long time. Here are some of the most beautiful pairs that I found from the summer collection of  Warby Parker. I love all of them and wish I cold wear all of the styles not just for summer, but for all year round!


I'm always drawn to tortoise print sunglasses. I feel like it adds such glamour to any single look. This pair will too. Wear with an all black outfit or even with a comfortable gym outfit. This pair is sure to up your style game automatically, no matter what outfit you're wearing.

This pair also has a similar print and design as the Clementine except that it has gray and black colors and undertones. It still looks just as chic though!

This pair invokes such a cool girl vibe, I won't be surprised to see this a staple for music festivals. Wear with denim cutoffs, a loose crop top and ankle boots and you're ready for the next big outdoor musical event. This pair will complete the outfit!

The Topper is a classic shape and color that will go well with any outfit. I feel like this pair could even be worn by a classic icon like Audrey Hepburn if she were still around today.

This pair has the loveliest melon color. It's quite an unusual color to see in sunglasses and I'm absolutely loving it. I'm imagining this pair being worn while lounging around poolside in a chic maillot and some yummy cocktails.

What do you guys think? Which ones are your favorites? And who's excited for summer???

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Why I Can Still Wear Prom Dresses

I'm a little too old to be attending prom but as an adult there are many events where one can attend that feels just like prom. They're called weddings. Yes, I am already at that age where a lot of people I know are walking down the aisle and I've been getting numerous invites the past few years. I have already attended at least two weddings this year, and have two more coming. All of these of these
weddings usually require formal wear and I couldn't help but think that some of these Long Prom Dresses from MillyBridal UK.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dresses To Wear To Your Prom

It's pretty much prom season now in my country and though I'm way too old for that, I still like looking at gorgeous formal dresses. I'm giving out suggestions in this post to those teens out there who are thinking about their prom and what to wear - check it out!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Thoughtful Tuesday : Social Media and How So Many People are Using it in a Negative Way

Social Media is something that I absolutely love. And also kind of hate. I know it sounds contradicting as there shouldn’t be anything in between right? It’s either you love or hate something. Not both. But really, I think most people can agree and relate to this feeling. I have Facebook. I have Instagram. I even have Twitter. I love scrolling through these social channels every day, just to see what’s up, what’s new in the world , what’s new with my friends and etc. I also update all my accounts pretty often as I think it’s a great way to keep your friends and loved ones updated with life and also since I have my own business, a great way to engage with your customers.

Lately though I feel like going through my Facebook feed is starting to feel a little tiresome. What used to be a fun and informative experience (I say informative because I get so many alerts on latest news and happenings in the world as people share so many great articles from around the web) has become pretty tedious and annoying. Though I like seeing what everyone is up to, I’m starting to get annoyed already at the way some people project their lives and most importantly : how they project their opinions.

Now don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing bad about saying out loud what you think. There’s also nothing bad about having a belief, a set opinion and a set way of doing and thinking about things. I just dont’ like it when people believe that their so called “opinions” are the only way out there. What once used to be a calm and informative way of talking about one’s side  has now become a way to bash people, beliefs and other ways of thinking.  

There’s also nothing wrong in having a healthy debate and argument.  But remember in a debate one just doesn’t spout out words and theories and cases without research.  And also without using some sort of facts as your basis. In Social media – it seems everyone is just an expert on everything. Everyone has something to say about EVERYTHING. Whether it’s about a current issue in the world, an event happening or about other people – people ALWAYS have something to say. And I feel like a lot of these “opinions” are pretty baseless and most especially, very carelessly said. And that’s what is really annoying me lately. It seems that so many people just want to and HAS to give out their two cents on every issue in the world. Without thinking twice or without caring that they end up hurting or destroying other people. I’ve heard of stories about friends unfriending each other on Facebook just because they have different political views. People bringing down other people and leaving nasty comments publicly about said person. And also other people feasting and thriving on all the drama going on between other people. It all just sounds so horrible and sometimes making me want to quit the whole social media world. I really hate it when it’s being used in such a negative light!

I don’t know what the solution to all this is really – I mean I can’t exactly message every single person on my feed and say – Hey can we all just please be  nice to each other and just respect everyone else’ opinions? And also can you guys not be so careless in shouting out rants and raving publicly, especially if you know it’s meant to put other people down? Also to those who don’t post anything but still love to feast and gossip on all the drama, can you please stop and think what the consequences are? Feasting on drama and gossip is just as bad. I’m not saying that I’m a complete innocent and don’t gossip at all. I too am not impervious to it, I just keep it privately between my friends but even then I know it’s something that I should work on. Because there has been a time in my life when some gossip about me and other people were feasted on by people behind my back and that one incident years and years ago just made me realize how truly horrible gossip is. Harmless gossiping may sound okay but when it comes to the point where it destroys someone else and their reputation then you know that’s toxic. And you shouldn’t be doing it.

Maybe the one solution for me is to just quit social media altogether. Believe me, I’ve thought about it once or twice but with my line of work and business, I can’t. I just hope that people out there will be using social media in a more positive way and realize that using it in a negative way is so harmful not just to other people, but also to yourself and your soul.

Monday, March 27, 2017

How to Style A Black Ball Dress

Wearing black to a formal event is almost always my go to staple. It's classic, it's not fussy and it's so much more fun accessorizing since it's such a blank palate. I feel like almost any accessories will go with it. This Picked Looks dress has a gorgeous embellished collar and sleek and classic cut. In styling a black ball dress, one must wear accessories that pop. In this case, huge colorful earrings, a beautiful clutch and some cuffs.You don't have to wear a necklace as the collar is already eye-catching enough. . For the shoes, you can wear a classic a neutral stiletto. No need to choose a standout shoe since they most probably will not be seen with a long ball dress. Wear shoes that are pretty enough just in case people will get a chance to glimpse it.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Thoughtful Tuesday : Why I Live For Lounging Around

It seems everyone is all about the fast paced life. I feel like everyone thinks that many,many things just have to get done in the smallest amount of time possible, everyone has to "life life to the fullest", jet setting everywhere and just never stop going.  It's this mentality that's ingrained in social media it seems, and sometimes that makes me feel guilty and and makes me feel like I'm not doing anything in my life. Especially when I'm just lying around in bed doing absolutely nothing.

I scroll through my feed and see people posting some stuff about  what they're doing in their daily lives and at work. I see bloggers posing in front of the Eiffel Tower in fabulous outfits and jet setting all over the world, super fit people busting their asses out in the gym,  other people eating in picturesque restaurants and generally just doing so many things that I cannot keep up with. And hashtagging things like #neverstop , #keepongoing, #workworkwork etc... And that's why I keep thinking that everyone is advocating this so called "fast paced, inspirational, motivational, successful" kind of life peg.

There is nothing wrong with all that. I mean if your life  really is about traveling a lot and living the fullest types of days everyday then whatever. It's just that for me, well I'm going to go right ahead and say it out loud : I totally LIVE for lounging around.

Lying around in bed and doing nothing for hours? Reclining myself in an outdoor chair by the pool and just shutting my eyes and doing basically nada - that's meeee. And it's not even for like an hour a day, once-a-month-when-I-need-a-break-kind-of-thing. It's sometimes like a few hours a day like, almost everyday. Haha. Now, I am not saying I live the lazy and slothful life and do nothing. Hello I love travelling just as much as anybody and I have my own business and lot's of other side projects. I get stuff done (most of the time ;p)  but it's just that I feel like I do a lot more recharging than most people.

I  feel like I can relate to memes more from Instagram accounts like Wheredidmyvodkago and Betches and Girlwithnojob  than to those Instagram accounts that have inspirational and motivational quotes. Yes I know it may sound bad and may paint me as a shallow person but I think it's way more shallow for a person to keep talking about "positivity" and "motivation" and whatever "good vibes" they put out there but be kind of fake about it in real life.

I also think it is more genuine that I'm admitting that I love being lazy than to put out in my Instagram account about my "fabulous" life and all the fabulous activities I'm doing when in reality, in that exact moment I'm probably spending more time deciding what filter to use on the post than to soak in on the moment. Not trying to hit out at any specific people okay but c'mon you guys should know what it means and know what I'm talking about. The "fabulous" and "goals" type of lives you see online are all not really real. Or they're real but whoever is living it is not really living IN it. He/she is not present in the moment. Because that person is probably busy tapping away at their phones. They would rather post a photo of the cute camel passing by the pyramids of Giza than actually LOOKING at the fantastic and historical scenery around. They are probably not even bothering to discover what the story of the place is about, they're too busy getting the perfect photo that will get the most likes.

So that's why I prefer to have a fabulous REAL time lounging around and doing nothing GENUINELY than living a so called fast paced jet-setting life and living it just for the sake of some Instagram posts and pictures. And so, that's why I live for lounging around. Actually, I live for sincerity and genuineness so maybe that's what this whole post's point is REALLY all about. What do you guys think???

Monday, March 13, 2017

Special Dresses for Special occasions.

It's been awhile since I've been to a formal event. There was one year where I went to 7 weddings and I remember scrambling around to find some really nice dresses. Now I know that I could have repeated dresses a few times but four out of those seven weddings were all from the same group of friends! So I couldn't wear the same thing over and over again! There are a lot of great sites out there that offer special occasion looks from wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and even prom dresses. Now I don't do prom - I'm way too over aged for that but there are actually some prom dress styles out there that look nice for formal events that you might have coming up. Even some bridesmaid dresses would look great for that wedding you've been invited to or for a work gala or something. Check out my favorite picks below!